Walk the Talk Ministries

Our goal is to inform, inspire, educate, uplift, encourage and take you higher in your Christian walk…all while having fun. We have discovered that TRANSPARENCY is key. So, when you WALK THE TALK in excellence and it’s not a game but a lifestyle, others will follow and souls will have been won for the Kingdom.

About the Hosts

Minister Albert Wilhite & 1st Lady LeVonne Wilhite

WALK THE TALK Ministries where we just don’t TALK about it we BE about it – living what we say and say what we have lived. Hi, I’m your host Minister Albert Wilhite….Preacher, Teacher Producer, and Entrepreneur. As the saying goes, I’m born, bred and raised from Dallas, TX. Along with me is my lovely wife and co-host Lady LeVonne Wilhite…Teacher, Prophetic Scribe, Entrepreneur, and Producer. She hails from Washington, DC and together with over 20-years of servitude separately and together we have awesome testimonies and life lessons of our Christian walk. For we have the heart of the people and the people in our hearts.

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