W.O.P. Women of Power

W.O.P. Women of Power

On the Grey Stream

Friday 8PM - 9PM


  • Kasha Hunt
  • Nana Osei
  • Zenobia Harvey

  • W.O.P.: Women of Power is an Award-Winning Gospel Radio Show that combines Hot Topics, great interviews with good gospel music.
    Hosted by Kasha Hunt, a businesswoman, Producer and Host of television shows, a Playwright, Author, Motivational Speaker and Minister of the Gospel.  Kasha is known as “Raw Truth”.
    Co-hosted by Nana Osei, poet, future law student, and Woman of God also known as “The Fiery Poet” and Zenobia Harvey, founder of “fit the STORY by Zenobia”, actress, poet, and servant of the highest God, also known as “The Comedic Truth.”
    Join us for an exciting show every Friday Night in the Grey Bowl from 8pm-9pm CST.

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