Vintage Salvation

Vintage Salvation

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Uncle Todd aka Dr. Goodenhigh: As Reported by Tiger Beat Magazine

Born: To be Wild, In the U.S.A., & Free.

Sign: Scorpio, The Luv Bug

Height: 5’6″

Weight: 140lbs Dripping Wet

Eye color: Brown with occasional red tinges & at times crossed

Hair color: Hair???

Turn on’s: Music, Fajita Meat, 4:20 am or pm

Turn off’s: Bad music, Bed Hair, Negative Vibes Moriarty

Deacon Flint: As Reported by Buddy Magazine:

Sign: Yield

Height: 6’0’

Weight: 180 (Oh who is he Kidding?!)

Eyes: Blue as a John Lee Hooker song

Hair: Salt and Pepper

Turn ons: Great Music, Stolen Fajita meat, and bad radio talk shows

Turn offs: Paul Simon

G$ (pronounced G Money) As reported by NO ONE

Got his start in The Movie Poster & Theatre Business then during a time of unclear thinking and moroseness he left Movie Posters & Theatre Management to be a Vintage Book Dealer… when he finally came to his senses about 5 years ago he turned his attention to Vintage Music as in Vintage Vinyl and has become a Crusader in not only helping people by exposing them to the Unsung Musicians/Bands of the 60’s & 70’s but leading the Rally to discourage the Millennials and those that come after them from buying Crosley made Turntables! As G$ is quoted as saying… We are in the business of Saving The Lost Souls of Pop culture and playing them on a Crosley is akin to desecrating the Holy Book of your choosing!

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