Vibing with Soup & Lola

Vibing with Soup & Lola

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JoAnn W. Talib, aka the Lovely Lola, is definitely a renaissance woman hailing from East Orange, New Jersey by way of Houston, TX. Holding Associates in Business from Brown Mackie College, JoAnn is not a stranger to the boardroom, stage or a life of community service. A lover of the written word she has a passion for visual and vocal Arts. JoAnn learned early that writing was rather therapeutic and penned her first unpublished novel, “Awaiting Spring” chronicling her life growing up with a mother that suffered from mental illness. Always the entrepreneur, JoAnn has owned and operated several businesses from catering to desktop publishing; always returning to her first love of Art in all its mighty forms. She has volunteered in a wide range of venues from mentoring in the Boys and Girls Clubs, Salvation Army Outreach to delivering meals for Meals on Wheels. Life has been an amazing journey with various stories still to tell of survival, spirituality, marriage, motherhood and travel. Currently, working in the Oil and Gas industry by day, JoAnn continues to expand in publishing with her company Motivation Point Publishing with a relaunch in 2018. Staying true to her passion of literature, music and community service JoAnn adds Radio Host as a way to bring all three of her life callings to the forefront in an effort to motivate and inspire how to live a life of purpose and passion.


Victor L. Horsey, aka Soup the Poet, was born and raised in Birmingham, AL, affectionately known as The Magic City. A veteran of the United States Navy, Victor is an avid writer of Poetry. He is a first time author of his book entitled “As My Ink Continues to Spill”. Growing up, Victor had a healthy imagination and expressed his life’s journey thru uniquely arranged metaphors and melodies with a pen and a pad. He began to collect and journal his thoughts, prayers, struggles and victories as a way to express his life experiences. And cope with his life’s struggles. Using his passion for writing, Victor has been exploring ways to take his talents for the written word to another platform. Over the past year he has been performing open mic at various venues, private parties and social gatherings in Houston and surrounding areas. Currently organizing his work for a Volume Two follow book to his debut collection entitled “Just Soup”, along with a music CD, he adds Radio Host to his platform to encourage, inspire, think and debate various subject matters people face daily thru the art of the written word.

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