Uncut Funk with Phil Colley

Uncut Funk with Phil Colley

On the Red Bowl

Tuesday 7PM - 9PM


Phil Colley

If you love the funk this is your show. Being a 35-year fan of the P-funk has given me a unique perspective of the funk. Not only will I present you with p-funk songs and artists that would otherwise never hit the airways, but I will also turn you on to a serious mix of music that covers many genres. Honestly, you never know what you might hear, but if you love music you’ll always dig it. Also as a person with a silly serious personality, I will be giving you conversation on topics ranging from the importance of supporting, mentoring, and educating today’s youth to walk out of a public restroom with toilet paper stuck to the bottom of your shoe. Occasional in-studio guest will help round out the show with a range of topics that will inform, educate, and amuse you. So jump into some uncut funk with me on FBRN.

“Ever Funkin’ On”

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