The Unapologetic Hustle

The Unapologetic Hustle

On the Studio B

Saturday 11AM - 1PM


Marcus Stone

Marcus Stone is a multi-disciplinary entrepreneur and modern-day philosopher. Marcus is the creator and host of “The Unapologetic Hustle” which aims to provide a space for motivated thinkers, artists, speakers, content creators, and entrepreneurs to deliver their content to enrich the communities through Equanimity, Education, Motivation, and Hustle!
Marcus is a Veteran that was Dallas, TX born but Southern Louisiana raised and has spent his life devoted to building progressive communities and educating the youth, entrepreneurs, and other creators from life experiences and networking.  As the Co-Owner of MaShay’s Legaci, Co-Owner of Chef Anthony, LLC. and Co-Owner/Creator of MaShay’s Hair Care, Marcus brings a wealth of knowledge and experiences from the Hustle. So let’s be Unapologetic about it and create our generational wealth!
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