True Talk No Lie

True Talk No Lie

On the Blue Bowl

Thursday 4PM - 6PM


Belyne Bland-Xochihua

Belyne (aka Suga) is a name that means beautiful, intuitive and a person who brings joy to the world with playful elegance and sweet emotions that create harmony and balance to others.
I am a 33-year Medical Social Worker, Writer/Poet, Relationship Coach, Mental Health Advocate, and Public Speaker who has a passion for empowering, educating, and positioning people to “live beyond the what if and find joy in the what is”.
Welcome to Life’s Sweet Truth’s where I will discuss subjects that are kept silent.  Sometimes common and sometimes complex issues related to life.  A space to encourage you to love through your journey, live your truth and succeed on your terms.  Engage with me to have transparent and positive conversations about love, relationships, health, sex, finances, marriage/family, faith, healing, and other relatable issues.
It is my prayer that through my shared experiences this show provides hope, motivation, inspiration, understanding, and support to those who are challenged with everyday living.  I will bare truth as we claim triumph through our journey with strength and resilience.
So come join me as we laugh, cry and enhance our minds with renewed knowledge of healing.

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