True Talk No Liez

True Talk No Liez

On the Studio A

Friday 4PM - 5PM


  • Belyne Bland-Xochihua

  •  “True Talk No Liez”  is where we talk about the things/issues that others only think about.  Issues related to everything life, love and success.  

    We have a panel of three strong-minded individuals living life by our definition and on our terms.  Coming to you to share our seasoned thoughts, opinions, and experiences.  You have fun and social with “J-Spice”, Indifferent and non-conventional with “April-Rayne” and somewhere in the middle with passionate thinking is “Suga-B”.

    Our goal is to encourage you to live your truth and love through your journey while succeeding by your choice and definition.  

    Join us to discuss issues openly, transparently and with positivity from three different views.

    It is our intent that this show and our experiences will provide hope, motivation, inspiration, and support to those who are challenged with everyday living and just trying to live your best life.

    So come join us as we laugh, cry and enhance minds with renewed knowledge and independent thinking.  We will bare our truth and hopefully help everyone who listens to be triumphant through this journey we call life.

    True Talk, No Liez……………..   Let’s Talk! 

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