Trill Like Me Radio Show

Trill Like Me Radio Show

On the Studio B

Saturday 6PM - 8PM

Hezeleo has been in the music industry as an artist since the 80s as a kid rapping and performing shows. Later on, he linked up with UGK and toured. Since, he has put out many of his own projects and spent countless hours in the studio. Over the years, being immersed in the industry, Hezeleo has developed the ear to know great music. Currently, Hezeleo is releasing more music, working on more projects, and has decided to Jump In at Fishbowl Radio Network with his show, Trill Like Me, where he is giving exposure to other artists and representing Texas’ best music artists. Log on every week for the latest and the best Texas’ music on the Trill Like Me Radio Show!

You can find Hezeleo’s music on all digital platforms and will be releasing his newest on BandCamp!

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