Trap With Us

Trap With Us

On the Studio B

Saturday 6PM - 8PM


  • Judah Mack
  • Masharathyah Noam

  • Both men possess a strong desire for teaching The Word of God. Their desire to teach is driven by the passion to share knowledge, the fear of being separated from our creator and the promise of judgment/punishment for the wicked. Prior to the TRAP teaching platform they taught on several other platforms. Our Daily Bread, Milk in the Morning and In the Scripts just to name a few. Mash and Judah’s paths crossed while attending a Passover event in Orlando, Florida in 2015. Although Mash discovered the truth about the camps incorrect teachings 5 months into his membership, his elder leadership was unable to answer his questions about teachings that were contradictory to the word. As for Judah, it wasn’t until he started digging deeper into the word following his separation from the organization. None the less both men are on one accord with teaching the True Word of God to the Lords people.

    Jeremiah 3:15
    “And I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will feed you with knowledge and understanding.”

    Keep the commandments and live!

    Shalom ✊🏽

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