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Time to Shine

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  • Janee Jackson
  • Rebecca Hall

  • Rebecca Hall – I am from a small town called Pendleton, in the upstate area of South Carolina. As a child, I loved just about everything. In school, I enjoyed all of the subjects, especially science, history, math, and art. In my free time, I would draw, write short stories, and poetry. My love for writing spilled into wanting to become an actress and produce my own movies. However, growing up in a small town, teaching and nursing is forced on young girls. After high school, I moved to Florida to pursue a degree in special education. I quickly realized that teaching wasn’t for me, so I decided to be a nurse. I changed my degree in nursing and took a job as a Certified Nursing Assistant. Two years into being a CNA, I once again realized that wasn’t for me either. So, I decided to go into chemical engineering. I graduated with my Associates Degree but still wasn’t satisfied. So once again, I decided to try something different and I began to travel as a Sterile Processor all over the United States. When I was 18, I started my first book “Through Hell and High Water”. I published this book 8 years later. I found that writing soothed me and decided to pursue my true passion of writing and acting. Today I am Sterile Processing, but I write, act, and create comedic videos on Instagram. Personal Instagram: beautiful_sc91

    Janee Jackson – I am from Omaha, NE and moved to Dallas, TX 3 years ago. My life has been raising my children and I’m now taking the opportunity to tap into my passion. I grew up competing in gymnastics, dance, cheer, and pom squad. I’ve always loved to write poetry and one of my favorite classes was attending Radio Broadcasting class at Career Center in Nebraska. I always wanted to venture out and start a radio show but never took the leap to do so. I am currently in the mortgage industry and have been for the past 7 years. At the end of the day, my true passion is in the creative realm. I published my poetry book almost 4 years ago (DJAM – Describing Janee’s Abounding Manifestation). I am currently working to finish my next book, a fictional romance, by the end of this year called “Love Always Prevails”. I decided last year to step out on faith and go for my dreams. I auditioned for a part in a play and earned it! I will be in my first play this March 2018 (Church Folks). I am going further by stepping out and doing this radio show with my friend, Rebecca Hall. My next venture that will be starting very soon is my Cake Pops business with my daughters called “Moms and Daughters”. Please ride along on this ride with me! Thank you in advance for all support!!!

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