The Smart Show

The Smart Show

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Tuesday 8PM - 9PM

Nathaniel Smart, aka “Pastor Nate” is the worship leader/minstrel and an associate pastor at his local church. His ministry expands beyond the four walls to engage in philanthropic work. He is currently employed in the Supply Chain Management/Logistics industry where he has served over 20 years. He holds a BSBA, MBA, PMP, and is currently in pursuit of a Doctorate of Management in Organizational Leadership. Pastor Nate is a native of Bushnell, Florida, but currently lives in Fort Worth, Texas by way of job relocation. The Smart Show was created from his passion for bringing awareness and revealing the truth to others in the church as well as the secular arena. My listeners can expect to hear in depth and analytical narrations of current issues in our society in which we inhabit. The Smart Show is an interactive platform where others can apply critical thinking by presenting ideas and theories as possible solutions to the problems we see and experience in our world on a daily basis. Listeners can also expect laughter, music, prayer, encouragement, and most of all, God’s infallible Word, which is the absolute truth in all matters. “Come now, and let us reason together” (Isaiah 1:18)

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