The Zen Zone

The Zen Zone

On the Studio A

Friday 8PM - 9PM

Lizanne Chau is a singer and songwriter who was born on June 21 1989 in Dallas Texas and raised in a Baptist church. Lizzane
Chau found her love for Gospel Music through attending Church and quickly adapted to different music styles like R&B. As a singer and songwriter, Lizanne uses her gift frequently when requested to write or sing on projects with Producers and
other Artists.

Shante Salazar is a Dancer and Writer who was born on June 20th 1990 in El Paso Texas. She found her love and passion for dance at an early age. She uses music and dance as an outlet and drives to inspire others in continuing to pursue their love for music, dance and anything they set their mind to.
Life brought both of us together to create the Zen Zone ,and inspire others to pursue their passion. We also provide a platform for other inspirational people to share their life journey and how music changed their life.

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