The Vincent Tucker Show

The Vincent Tucker Show

On the Blue Stream

Saturday 9AM - 11AM


  • Vincent Tucker “Heartbreak”
  • Savel Rhines “The King of Chaos”
  • "Yellostar"
  • J.B.
  • Myskenna

  • Touted as “The New Home for Black Star Power”, The Vincent Tucker Radio Show broadcasts live every Saturday from 9 am to 11 am central in the Talk Bowl. Every week, rising entertainer & humanitarian Vincent “Heartbreak” Tucker goes through the latest in music, entertainment, news, sports and hot topics that affect the hip hop generation. Joined by co-hosts Myskenna, Yellostar, J.B. & “The King of Chaos” Comedian Savel Rhines, Heartbreak and company provide their unique perspective and attitude as the team welcomes celebrity guests, recording artists and fascinating characters in the world today.
    Syndicated, Award-Winning & Critically-Acclaimed, The Vincent Tucker Radio Show has been endorsed by executives at Clear Channel Satellite and CBS Radio Group plus continues to be a hit among the 18 to 34 urban contemporary demographic since its inception in December 2007.

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