The People’s Take Live

The People’s Take Live

On the Red Stream

Wednesday 9PM - 11PM


  • Ray Will
  • Royal Ju
  • Jaquil

  • The People’s Take — A Fun, New Show covering Sports, Hip Hop, and how the two play a part in all aspects of Urban, Suburban, Political and Overall American Culture.


    Aspiring Sports and Hip-Hop Analyst Raymond “Ray WiLL” Williams along with Co-Host and Analyst engage in Conversation, Debates, and Guest Interviews which cover various topics within Sports, Music, and Culture; giving insight and providing a platform for the Fans/People to be heard. The People’s Take also provides a Platform for Pro Athletes, Music Artists, and Media Personalities to get more In-touch with the people who support them (The Fans), by giving their personal take on Sports and Music, how both trend together, and how both impact Urban, Suburban, Political and Overall American Culture.

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