The Luv Cafe

The Luv Cafe

On the Green Stream

Saturday 11AM - 1PM


Cassandra Stephens

The Luv Cafe” is where you will hear The Best Music on the Planet.”  For our “Appetizers” there is a delicious mix of Gospel, R & B, Neo-Soul, Pop, Jazz, and a little bit of Country.  And to top it off for our Entrée you will be full of The Luv Café’s stories of love, stories of survivors overcoming obstacles, fears and pain and through it all being able to still love in-spite of, and love being stretched to perfection.  We are not that “gossip show, we don’t look to blog for what’s the biggest negative of celeb shows or sports shows but we want you to feast on what’s real and not “reality” this is a safe place where real people tell their real stories of love whatever that love may be.  You’ll laugh and you’ll cry… because The Luv Cafe is not just a radio show but a movement of Love. We showcase new artists, authors, actors, and entrepreneurs for the purpose of celebrating just plain ole everyday people!!! So come on and break bread with us!!! Celebrate life & love seasoned with those feel good spices that love music offer, with all that you can consume… Make sure you tune in every week!!


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