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Larry C Morris is deeply committed to pouring value into as many people as he can by creating a culture that is conducive to Kingdom Building. Larry’s passion is to equip, transform, and empower people to become change agents and servant leaders that will impact their sphere of influence. These servant leaders will be able to make a difference and create a healthy environment to work and live in. Larry believes the key foundational points of leadership teaching are to; Pray, Serve, and Lead.  His motto is; Pouring Value Into You, Proverbs 9:9. 

As firmly stated by John Maxwell,” everything rises and falls on leadership”, which is very true. But the greater fact for the body of Christ is,” everything rises through the abundance of prayer and falls due to the lack of prayer”. Larry believes that the activity of prayer the key to all things concerning our relationship with God. Prayer is a designed relationship with our God. We have been taught that He is our treasure chest, but entering into a deep relationship gives you everything you will ever need on a personal basis. The power of prayer brings forth inner healing, direction, purpose, and so much more than you can imagine, for every believer. He believes that in order to break out of the toxic unhealthy environment three things must take place in our individual lives you must; Pray, Hear, Work

Larry C. Morris served our country with 22 years of military service in the US Navy. Larry also serviced as leader of Gospel services during his last 6 month Mediterranean Cruise deployment on board the USS Saipan LHA2.

Larry Morris has 30+ years serving in Ministry with the gift of teaching, also served three years, as a volunteer in Military Ministry under the umbrella of Campus Crusade for Christ {CRU}.

Larry served as Prayer Center supervisor and Mail Processing supervisor for the Christian Broadcasting Network/700 Club for a combined 15 years.

For the last three years, Larry hosts a Face Book live show called Morris Minutes, which focuses on the Power of Prayer as a relationship builder in God; both nationally/international.

Larry is married to Tela Ann Morris, with four great successful children and 8 grandchildren.

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