The Insurance Girls

The Insurance Girls


  • Allison Byrd Haley
  • Nicol Southall

  • Allison and Nicol met as Health Insurance Brokers at IHC Specialty Benefits a few years ago. Very quickly they formed a friendship/partnership. From that they established The Insurance Girls where they thrive to educate and inform their client with anything pertaining to Health Insurance. Having the best insurance is important for Allison due to at a very young age her son developed cancer and for Nicol she can understand the seriousness of having Health Insurance due to knowing the fact from personal experience how an unexpected health crisis can impact someone. Insurance talk can be boring and the ladies try their best to make the talk as fun as possible. On a personal note Allison is a native Texan with a loving husband with 5 children. Nicol is a Texan transplant that moved here with her devoted husband. The Insurance Girls are always here to advise and educate to make the Health Insurance process easy with a helping hand.

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