The Healing Room

The Healing Room

On the Blue Stream

Saturday 1PM - 2PM


  • Tarnisha Hayter
  • Tammy Ramsey

  • At The Healing Room, our desire is to build a community of believers and help each other become the best version of themselves. We are disciples of Christ who are on a mission to not only make an impact in this world but transform the world. We share stories, past experiences, testimonies and biblical content to express God’s, unconditional love. We stand for Unity & Love! Heal – Transform – Inspire

    Tarnisha is a Transformation Coach, Speaker, and Author of an upcoming book. She always had a passion for fitness and helping others thrive. Tarnisha has transformed lives through teaching her clients the importance of a healthy mind; body and spirit using her own experience mix with biblical teachings, research, and fitness. Tarnisha currently resides in Carrollton, Texas with her husband Anthony and son, Jazz. Her family is members at One Community and she serves in the couple’s prayer ministry with her husband Anthony.
    Tammy knows that to grow, learn, and inspire, she needs to get out of her comfort zone. So she is all about saying “no” to fear and “yes” to faith.

    Tammy holds the belief that empowering one another is necessary, and therefore she works towards helping people to be successful in their personal lives as well as professional lives. Tammy is a Personal Development Specialist, Mentor and a funny, creative and Real-Talk speaker who strives to create a positive space for people where values such as innovation, recognition, and learning are held in high esteem.  

    Tammy’s dream is of a place where she wakes up knowing she is living out her purpose in life, and that she is fulfilling it. “I am truly blessed for all the life lessons I have learned and plan to inspire others by sharing my story,” says Tammy enthusiastically.

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