The Flow

The Flow

On Studio B

Thursday 7PM - 9PM


Coach Mikel Ray

What happens when you mix coaching, music, sports talk, life, and laughter together? You, my fellow listeners, get “The Flow”!!!!. “The Flow” w/ Coach Ray provides a splash of energy to every listener that tunes in. The Flow is a platform for athletes and coaches (former or current) to use their voice to help listeners navigate life and bring communities together. Over the past 20 years, Coach Ray has sailed the seven seas in the US Navy, coached up and down numerous courts and sidelines throughout the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, and impacted lives through this wonderful gift we call radio. You never know who will show up on The Flow? Tune in every Friday from 1-3pm CST. “A coach will impact more young people in a year then the average person does in a lifetime” – Billy Graham

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