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We are the Final Drive, your source for all things NFL here on Fishbowl Radio Network. Tune in Thursday’s 3pm-5pm as Alec, Tony, Deondre, and Mekhi bring you all the latest headlines, breaking news as well as classic all time debates in the world of football. We are 4 friends from the University of North Texas who are passionate about the NFL and look to leave it all on the field each Thursday and bring you guys the best content possible! Now let’s take a look at the team and give you the scouting report.




Height: 5’9

Favorite Team: Saints

Favorite Player: Drew Brees

Favorite NFL Memory: Brees breaking the all time NFL passing record in 2018

Madden Rating: 77


“ While speed is not top notch Alec makes up for it with hands and his route running, he will never be a 4.4 guy but look for him to immediately make an impact on this team.




Height: 6’2

Favorite Team: Cowboys

Favorite Player: Kyler Murray

Favorite NFL Memory: Tony Romo 2014 season

Madden Rating: 98


“ Top notch player with a multitude of skills that allows flexibility to play anywhere… he puts Jabril Peppers at michigan to shame..”




Height: 5’11

Favorite Team: Dallas Cowboys

Favorite player: Dak Prescott

Favorite NFL Memory: Tank Lawrence strip sack against the Lions in the 2014 playoffs.

Madden Rating: 80


“Tony may not have as much knowledge at Alec, Deondre and Mekhi, he still knows football and bring good points. Tony also bring humor into the show that helps balance work with fun.”




Height: 5’9

Favorite team: Miami Dolphins

Favorite player: Cam Newton

Favorite NFL Memory: Miracle in Miami against the New England Patriots in 2018.

Madden Rating: 85


“Constantly in this pipe dream where Tua is a competent NFL QB.”


Aside from the NFL we look to give you guys tons of great NBA content, what is going on in the world of media and film, and just whatever comes to Tony’s mind. Make sure to follow us on Twitter with the link below, and check us out on Spotify and Apple Podcast as we bring you a condensed version of that week’s show and will have some great content and even better guests!

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