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The Felicia Wilkerson Show

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Felicia Wilkerson

Hi! I’m Felicia and thanks for visiting my show.

I am a wife to my wonderful husband and co-host, Leroy, a mom to four resilient adult children, and a grandmother to 4 lively and beautiful grandchildren. By day, I build the lives of students and teachers as a reading specialist and aspiring principal. In my other endeavors, I share the truth of who I am by sharing my love, testimony, gifts, talents, and heart with the world so that others will not suffer in silence. The love of God has caused my purpose to be revealed; to inspire and motivate people to confront their past anyway they can – through humor, tears, dramatization, and most importantly, through reconciliation with the Father, to deal with their pain and issues and to enjoy living in the present!

Professionally, I am an actress, author, educator, entrepreneur, speaker, and voice-over artist. My vision and mission is to help build lives, despite the challenges we face and the mistakes we make. This show is a platform where we can discuss issues and ideas that will resonate with our mind, soul, and spirit. We have within us the power to change the world for the better one life, one family at a time – that’s our legacy. And if we don’t like what our legacy is speaking about us thus far, we can change what it’s saying, by doing better, being better, and choosing another way. This is a place where we can be transparent and become aware of how our thoughts and actions affect others. This is a place where we can brainstorm and share another way.

It is my prayer that on this show we can connect – as a human race. We will discuss topics relevant to the community. It is my heart’s prayer that you be motivated, inspired, encouraged, and supported as we allow our legacy to BUILD LIVES. Let’s discuss the hard stuff, so we can be free. Let’s have fun and laugh because laughter is good for the soul! Let’s enhance our knowledge and awareness through new learning.

Listen, we know that hurt people, hurt people BUT healed people can help heal other people! Let’s grow together and share our stories of triumph to give others the strength they need to keep going. See you on the show!

We attend Holy Tabernacle Church of God in Christ under the pastoral leadership of Bishop Robert L. Sample. I serve as a Deaconess Missionary, Church Clerk, and the Assistant Director for the Drama Department.

Thanks for your support and I look forward to you tuning in!

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