Dr. Delores McLaughlin Program

Dr. Delores McLaughlin Program

On Studio A

Thursday 8PM - 9PM


Dr. Delores McLaughlin

Dr. Delores McLaughlin (also known as Dr. M) is a motivational speaker who can inspire audiences from corporate to faith based. She has a gift of making the most serious topics become less intimidating and more accepting. Dr. M is the founder & executive director of “All Out Communication” and the Pastor of “Freedom-N-Christ Ministries.”
Dr. M passion lies in communicating on all levels to maintain effective communication, strategies to successfully pursue your dreams, and bridging gaps between cultural and religious differences. She is a nurse, Doctor of Education/Organizational Leadership with emphasis on Development and is currently an adjunct who teaches communication.
Dr. M understands that nothing is possible without Jesus Christ and relies on his guidance.

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