The Counsel

The Counsel

On the Blue Bowl

Thursday 8PM - 9PM


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  • Amanda
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  • NeseBaby

  • Hey sis, what is life if you do not have someone to walk it out with? The Counsel Radio Show is four real life women, discussing real life topics, in real life. The Counsel isn’t an advice talk show, it is a round table conversation where everybody’s input matters. The Counsel brings vital topics to the surface such as domestic violence, relationships, motherhood, vision, philanthropy, purpose, health, spirituality, and talks them out with the audience known as The Counsel’s Core. The Ladies of The Counsel don’t pretend to have all the answers or proclaim to know it all, but they do promise to always keep it real honest, real transparent, and bring in real life experts as they run across topics that matter the most to the women of The Core. The Counsel Radio Show is funny, enlightening, and uplifting. It is made for the real everyday women to see herself REPRESENTED in a real way that she can agree with and be proud of. No one wants to walk life out alone. So sis, tune into The Counsel and find the best friends you never knew you had.

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