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About the Hosts

The Convo with Nik
The Convo with Nik is a community where you can come and share in the convo of life. This is a judgment free zone where the exchange of perspectives is welcome. Transparency and honesty can lead to self discovery and the reawakening of who we are in this world. Come join The Convo where differing opinions and perspectives are valued. Life isn’t cookie cutter and neither should your approach to evolution and growth be.  You are invited to join in The Convo.
About the Host:
Nik, is a Dallas native. Mother of one daughter and a life long learner. Nik has learned many life lessons and approaches every experience as a learning opportunity. From business to relationships and everything in between, Nik believes that everything is a teachable moment and values ALL perspectives. Nik’s life has changed because of the unbridled convos shared with family and friends.


The Convo was created to bring you into the conversations Nik has had for years with her family and friends on topics that are important while we are “lifing.”  You are invited to join the conversation and share your perspectives.  Welcome to The Convo…


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