The Build Value Daily Show

The Build Value Daily Show

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Thursday 6PM - 7PM

Andre Smith is the Founder of BVD (Build Value Daily) a non profit orginization (501c3) desined to help reduce the school to prison pipeline, keeping some of our neighborhoods youngest and brightest minds away from becoming a part of the school to prison statistic. BVD has established the mission of getting back to the basics by providing its clients the everyday skills of survival that will equip those clients with the knowledge base to help them create and always be in a position to present the best version of themselves to their families and the communities they reside in. BVD Build Value Daily is designed to also tackle deficient value systems currently non-exsistent in the youth of its targeted age range. Our Motto is “No Neighborhood Gets Left Behind”. Andre Smith currently has volunteered his time the past 6 years also as a facilitator for the T.O.R.I. program in its “Man to Man” class. This exposed him to many ex offendors suffering from “Neighborhood Traumatic Stress Disorder”. Because of his humble beginnings, he has always felt the pain of the less fortunate. Growing up in west Savannah, Ga he realized the importance of being a voice and giving a voice that may not be able to be a voice on their own. He embodies the ideology of “standing up for those who can’t stand up for themselves”. He is a firm believer of donating both his money and time wherever there is a need. “Faith Without Works is Dead”(James 2:14-22), is why this journey began believing God would send both the people and resources to fulfill the Purpose of BVD (Build Value Daily).

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