The Boardroom with Black Women’s Wall Street Inc.

The Boardroom with Black Women’s Wall Street Inc.

On Studio C

Monday 6PM - 7PM


  • JaCoi James Pugh
  • LaToya Barrow
  • Faustina Nkwocha

  • Black Women’s Wall Street, Inc. is a women-centric 501(c)(3) nonprofit entrepreneurship development organization (EDO) founded by Black women with a particular focus on Black women. The co-founders of BWWS are diverse Black women with a shared experience of having a desire to become entrepreneurs with an “empowered women empower other women!” mindset. Additionally, we are Black women who can relate to the same challenges most Black women startups face, and our goal is to help them navigate the path, pitfalls, and process to starting their business venture by providing training on the foundational business principles! We “Empower! Educate! Equip!” Black women through our i2I core initiative and women-centric business activities.

    At Black Women’s Wall Street, Inc. (BWWS), our mission is to empower Black women who aspire to become business owners by equipping them with startup business training, financial literacy and education so they can impact local and global communities.

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