The Believer’s Way of Life

The Believer’s Way of Life

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Dr. Wiley

The Believer’s Way of Life

Since 1989, Dr. John Wiley has devoted his life to the word of God. In 1990, he was licensed to minister the word of God, and in 2002 he was ordained to pastor his first church Victory Faith Christian Center. In 2006, he received his ordination through the ministry of Dr. Morris Cerullo, his spiritual father.

Dr. Wiley travels to many cities and states carrying the miracle power of God in Miracle Healing Service And Rallies. He has a passion to reach the people of the world with God’s presence through various outreaches and crusades.

He has completed several Ministry courses under the leadership of Dr. Cerullo including: Healing School, Proof Producers, and Financial School. He is also apart of the “Legacy Foundation,” “Board of Elders Executive,” and “Alumni of the School of Ministry.” He has also attended “Financial School of Ministry,” by Dr. Mike Murdock and, “Apostolic and Prophetic School” by Dr. Bill Hammon.

Dr. Wiley is apart of (EMFAC) ,a fellowship for churches under the leadership of Bishop Larry D. Skinner in Columbus, Ga. In 2015, he receives his Doctorate Degree in Divinity from Joseph Global Institute in Ca. He also receives his American Association of Registered Chaplains through ( ICCM). He is an ordained member of International Congress of Churches and Ministries. In 2018, he was appointed under Dr. Micheal Chitwood, “Overseer of the state of Texas.

Dr. Wiley is the husband of Lady Janice Wiley and has been married since 1989.

They are the proud parents of Jonathan Wiley who operates as a sound coordinator and Jelissa Wiley who is their worship leader and minister in training.

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