Straightforward with Strip

Straightforward with Strip

On the Studio C

Thursday 3PM - 4PM

Las Vegas born and raised. Father of 1. Garry Young Jr. also know as “Strip” or “Young Strip” has been in the music/radio world for years, learning the game and perfecting his craft alongside some of the industry’s biggest icons. Working behind the scenes as a production engineer and voice over artist while producing content for a wide range of shows and demographics from politics, sports, entertainment, news, and gossip, Strip is taking his talents, knowledge, and insight to the microphone. Airing his personal take and opinions on hard hitting topics and discussions of today, Strip calls it like he sees it and says it like it is, all the while dropping facts and empowerment meant to uplift his community and the Black community in general. Bridging the gap between opposing views and “sides” is another goal Strip hopes we can accomplish together as a way to create more positive relationships and peace among the masses. We must address the issues, seek answers, create solutions and always be Straightforward. #StraightforwardWithStrip

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