Speak Life Hosted By Susy Diego

My name is Susy Diego-Gordon.. I am a mother of 5 and mimi to 1..

Mother and mimi to a few kiddos. I spent 25 climbing the corporate ladder with no college degree in the Information Technology Engineering space evangelizing a “mindset and behavior” change methodology, in pursuit of happiness.. NEVER HAPPENED

Little did I know GOD was preparing me for what has quickly become my GOD given purpose, mission and full-time passion to serve the LORD and transform the lives of many lost souls by testifying and evangelizing SALVATION.

About the Hosts

Speak Life, Hosted by Suzy Diego, is a show that will inspire, motivate, life and give life to those that are feeling like they are stuck or in a dark place and can’t seem to get out. This podcast is filled with great information, resources, interviews and more.

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Speak Life Hosted By Susy Diego

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