Silent Screams Speaks

Silent Screams Speaks

On the Blue Stream

Tuesday 2PM - 3PM


Carolyn J. Hudson

Carolyn is an advocate for victims of sex crimes and domestic abuse who have been broken, battered, bruised, and traumatized. Carolyn is the founding director of Silent Screams, Inc. a service for victims of sex crimes. She has experienced multiple sexual traumas throughout her life. Believing it began at age two, she experienced fear and depression most of her life. She knows what it’s like to be a silent survivor and why survivors choose to be silent. Carolyn also knows the difficulties and challenges a survivor faces when they choose to pursue justice. Carolyn has a heart of passion and fire for those who have experienced the horrors of sexual assaults. After 35 years of freedom from assaults, she thought it was over, however, in 2008 Carolyn was assaulted by a church elder. The elder had full-blown AIDS. Carolyn reported the assault and the rapist is now serving in prison.

Silent Screams Inc. is a non-profit organization, supporting the victims of sex crimes. We also reach into the community to inform, educate, and engage the community on the effects of sex crimes. Silent Scream has a virtual network of professionals, support groups, and advocates ready to assist survivors in overcoming the effects of crime. Through our website and community events, we supply the survivor and the community with a variety of subjects beneficial to life and restoration. With this help, survivors realize recovery is not only possible but achievable. The life of the community becomes a healthier and safer place for all. Silent Screams has two main annual events, “Celebrate Life, Afternoon Delight” for women and “What Would You Do If..?” breakfast for men.

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