Shuug’s Pillow Talk

Shuug’s Pillow Talk

On the Studio B

Thursday 7PM - 9PM


  • Shuug Pillowtalk
  • Sean Gardner
  • Jeremy Stevens

  • Shuug: 42-year-old entrepreneur and radio personality for the past 5 years. Enjoying turning lemons into lemonade. Very outgoing and have been known to be “the life of the party.” However, my central being is centered in Jesus Christ. Though a turn up is real, there is no turn up like one with Jesus Christ. My Life is transparent and I am a walking testimony.

    Sean Gardner, also known as Pryncelatrell, (born on July 22, 1987) Co-Founder of Citiboyz Entertainment, also cast member of the new up  and coming reality show “The Grind Dallas Edition” From the great city of Chicago!  Fear Know man But God… An aspiring model, Body positivity influencer with a unique swag and bubbly personality. Tune in every Thursday from 7 pm-9 pm!

    Jeremy Stevens (born April 26, 1987) also known by A/K/A Kinngemery is an entrepreneur here in the Dallas area. Jeremy was born and raised in the South-Side of Chicago, Illinois, and is now bringing his abundance of talents to the city of Dallas. Jeremy is a full-time Real Estate Agent, Producer of a hit reality tv show “The Grind Dallas Edition” and a small business owner of a restaurant. With Jeremy’s charisma and personality, you wouldn’t wanna miss him live every Thursday from 7 pm-9 pm as Co-host on the Pillowtalk.



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