Salty Dawg in the Know

Salty Dawg in the Know

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To start out with, your probably wondering where the name Salty Dawg came from. Since I am old and was in the Navy, I felt that the name fits the person. When I was in the service for 12 years of my life, I experienced many dangers and loss of lives. I was a Hurricane Hunter and flew into the hurricanes and saw how devastating they were. After my time with them ended, I wanted to do more to try and help people. I transferred to a Search and Rescue Squadron and became a Search and Rescue crewman that was trained to jump out of helicopters into the ocean to save lives. I never lost any that I went after and that was so profound. After I left the military I entered into the construction field and helped rebuild peoples homes and lives that suffered the devastation of the storms. My beliefs have been that true wealth is Family, Friends, and those whose lives we touch along the way. I am Salty Dawg and feel blessed to be able to use the internet radio network to help people around the world. It’s my true purpose in life. I hope you take just 2 hours out of your life each Thursday night to listen to stories that many of you out there can relate to.

Sincerely Yours,
Salty Dawg

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