Sacred Space

Sacred Space

On the Red Stream

Monday 1PM - 3PM


Dr. Baranda J. Fermin

Dr. Baranda Fermin is an accomplished leader with experience in training, community development, and capacity buildng. Her first love is a writing, and she makes life beautiful by using words to share the stories, building community and relationships. For more than 20 years she has worked with communities and individuals to preserve, uncover and amplify the stories that make their narratives critical to the survival of urban communities. She work brings together knowledge, resources and people to recover the economic, educational, and cultural landscape of urban communities. Her work helps us understand that resilience is the appropriate combination of risk and relationship at any given time. Baranda knows it’s nearly impossible to predict the future, yet thriving over time is based on resilience. Her life experiences make her a champion for living a life of service, cultivating peace and building platforms for advocacy. Dr. Fermin is an advocate, storyteller and builder with a track record of successful system innovation, capacity building and urban revitalization. Her current work builds resilience and capacity in faith communities and social justice work by evaluating and designing strategic solutions for sustainability, scalability and stability. She makes a living doing strategic planning and capacity building. She holds a PhD in Sociology from Michigan State University; a master’s in Human Development from Teachers College, Columbia University; and a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from The University of Oklahoma. Her favorite things on earth are tacos and her son, Montgomery James.

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