Running 4 Ur Lyfe

Running 4 Ur Lyfe

On the Blue Bowl

Wednesday 7PM - 9PM


Stae Hall

Like many of you, motivational speaker, radio show host, author and mind, body and spiritual life coach First Lady Stacie Hall (Stae Hall) at some time or another struggled with knowing how to completely and authentically walk in the purpose that God had for her life. She felt as if she was constantly “Running in Circles” trying to find the direction God was leading her to. As she searched for the answer, she quickly realized that she was not alone in this battle and decided to do what she should have done a long time ago and that was take it to the Lord and let Him speak to her so then He could speak through her and she could begin to assist other women in their journeys.

So, out of sheer determination to grow and a passionate desire to be obedient to God, Stae decided to launch Running 4 Ur L.Y.F.E. (Love Yourself First Explicitly). This organization was created to encourage adult women, young ladies, and teenage girls to seek God first, value themselves and walk in their true purpose according to God’s plan. Stacie strives to reach as many women as possible with a message of love, hope, self-worth, confidence, awareness, forgiveness of others and self, as well as pride.

In addition to being a passionate coach, consultant, teacher, YouTuber, author and motivational speaker; Ms. Hall is also the devoted wife of Pastor Wallace L. Hall, Jr. (who endearingly gave her the moniker, Stae). She feels blessed to be a loving mother to the couples (combined) six children (4 boys and 2 girls) and doting “Mae-Mae” to their two grandchildren (1boy and 1 girl). Stae enjoys traveling somewhere tropical, taking long trail runs, relaxing at home, cooking for her family and watching them thrive through the grace and mercy of our Lord.

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