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RCDRL Nation

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The Radio Controlled Drag Racing League (RCDRL) was founded in March of 2013 with the desire to provide the young, young at heart, and those with special needs the opportunity to enjoy and compete in the thrill of drag racing competition. League founder, Michael (Merk) Mercadel, had a very special reason for starting the league: his son Joshua (Josh). Josh has Aspergers Syndrome and while it has been a challenge at times, he is a blessing to his family and others.. Josh has never been able to play competitive sports due to issues related to his condition: social cues, peer interaction, coordination, etc. However, his parents (Michael and Kelly) wanted to find something that they could share with their son that would also give Josh the opportunity to participate in a competitive environment. Prior to the start of RCDRL, the Mercadels, were a seasoned drag racing family. Their older daughter, Rebekah, was a NHRA Junior Drag racer during her teenage years. Michael thought this could also be an outlet for Josh. Josh, however, wanted no part of it. Driving the cars was overload for his senses. Then in 2012, the start of a new adventure began to unfold. Josh asked for a particular radio-controlled race car. Seeing how much Josh wanted this and the enthusiasm he seemed to have for it, Michael went for it and bought him the car, He also bought one for himself so they could race together. After realizing how much fun he and Josh were having racing each other, Michael convinced a friend and his son to join in on the fun. We not only do this because it’s Fast Furious Family Fun, but because we can offer a platform that allows everyone to compete on an equal level playing field. We also help bridge relationships within our local communities” says League President – Michael Mercadel. “We believe in giving back and helping others. We have the benefit of having fun and loving what we do; and being able to help those in need is a large part of that.” – Kelly Mercadel

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