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Outspoken Woman Solutions

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Rosie Booker

Rosie Nelson is a Motivational Speaker, Certified Life Coach and Founder/CEO Of Outspoken Woman Solutions, She has made her name by encouraging others that they or not VICTIMS but rather VICTORIOUS.

Woman should stop having a victim mindset because they are not their current situation. They are not what others think of them, nor or they who people believe them to be. She Encourages women to know that they are BEAUTIFUL…They are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalms 139:14)

Rosie Nelson (outspoken woman) ask for this life and she is truly living it. Through many happy, healthy and healed women. Believe, it did not come without her own harm, hurt and pain and she explains all of those issues that brought her to this point in her life in her messages without embarrassment. Her motto is that “you can’t heal what you will not reveal” and she does not mind sharing her story.

For example, in 2016 when she finally broke and found herself on the kitchen floor pleading for help from God above. She ask for God to give her strength to turn a bad situation into something positive and vowing to HIM that she would use her voice to encourage, enlighten and educate another that maybe going through rather young or old. She picked herself up and has not looked back.

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