No More Silent Tears

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About the Hosts

Schantel Thomas is a wife of a retired military serviceman, a mother of two daughters, and a woman who has survived domestic violence from a childhood acquaintance. Her experience of that horrid encounter would cause her to suffer for years later. Through her process of healing, she learned how to hide pain and she never received any help to assist her in coping with what had occurred within her early adulthood. Schantel later met her spouse, and they started a family, stationed for duty overseas. After returning to the USA, Schantel and her family were stationed from Virginia to Texas. Texas became home for Schantel and her family. Texas was the place Schantel started to reach out within the community to help others heal from domestic abuse.
In 2008 No More Silent Tears was founded and was the catalyst that allowed her to go into battered women’s shelters and speak with families about how she overcame the very thing that they were experiencing.

After speaking out about her experiences with domestic violence, it marked the first publication, and release debuting, No More Silent Tears in Killeen Daily Herald.

On January 16, 2011, No More Silent Tears Schantel was interviewed by the local newspaper Killeen Daily Herald sharing the horrible experience of domestic violence. By sharing her story, it would help others who have undergone abuse– find help and healing. Shortly after the publication of the news article, it caught the eye of the Family Advocacy Program on Fort Hood.

The agency met with Schantel and asked her to speak at a Domestic Violence Proclamation Ceremony for III Corps Lt. Gen. Don Campbell III Corps and Fort Hood Commanding General as their Keynote speaker. A few weeks later Schantel was asked to teach the Senior Leaders of III Corps 4th Brigade on “The Faces of an abuser” Schantel Thomas later would be a public speaker alongside the military to speak for events for Fort Hood.

On February 8, 2011, debuted her first radio talk show No More Silent Tears Radio talk show that she founded in September 2010 and was established in February 2011 which aired on The Candle 88.1FM of Austin Texas.

In January 2012, Schantel earned two diplomas in Child Abuse Prevention and Investigative Techniques and Domestic Violence Intervention training from The United States Army Military Police School .

Schantel landed a new spot in broadcasting. Her show “ No More Silent Tears” aired on KTEM News 1400 of Temple Texas in 2014- 2019

In 2013, Schantel was asked to speak on a panel for over 500 Military personnel and their families on Domestic Violence issues and crises. 2013 She was the guest speaker at an outdoor ceremony as a special guest on Fort Hood.

On August 6, 2014, No More Silent Tears invited the surrounding agencies as well as the of Killeen Mayor Cosper to have a proclamation signing day that would be dedicated to devote and declare that we will make more efforts to stand against domestic violence. In the unforeseen Emergency absence of Mayor Cosper, Mrs. Blackstone represented the City Council to declare the date.

In 2016 Schantel educated the returning deployed servicemen/women on How to reunite with their families and understand how to communicate with their families again.

In 2019 Sept, Schantel partnered with her organization No More Silent Tears, with Killeen Independent School District to mentor t-risk children. Earning recognition in 2019, within the community from Mayor Jose L. Segarra of Killeen Texas, for her service and devotion to the community, Schantel has been the voice within her community and abroad in her fervent efforts to campaign healing to anyone who comes within reach.

In 2020 Schantel created a course “Beyond The Scope” at Central Texas College to continue educating self-love, self-care promoting health and healing for many years to come.

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