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Sherry Simpson

No Bad Days’ Sherry Scott was born and raised in north central Kansas, where I resided until July 2011, when I moved to Texas. I have worn many hats in my time. Not only am I the mother of two, but I also have been an auctioneer, farmhand, crop consultant, liquor store manager and now a Radio Personality/DJ. I grew up listening to KFRM 550 AM radio, which was mostly country western music, old Gospel and farm reports. I have always loved the stories found in song lyrics whether they were about tragedy or love. My stepfather was, and still is, a DJ in Kansas. During high school, I would do the weekly bulletin on KVSV our local radio station. I fell in love with Red Dirt Music the first time I heard Jason Boland’s Cheap Bourbon Whisky and Pearl Snap Shirts, I had finally found my true calling. I was destined for a career in radio that lead us to today. I have made many great friends, met some amazingly talented people, and heard outstanding music on this journey. I am getting to live my dream and now my heart is full and now I am blessed to be able to play the music that satisfies my heart and soul. I hope that you will share and feel my passion for Red Dirt Music, western and old-timey gospel music. MUSIC: ON WORLD: OFF and there are “NO BAD DAYS”

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