The Mental Speak Show

The Mental Speak Show

On the Red Stream

Friday 4PM - 7PM



LaTonya is a 14-year Navy veteran, stand-up comedian, and mental health social worker.

As a mental health therapist, she provides direct care to adults and children with mental, emotional, or behavioral issues. Not only a practitioner, La Tonya openly shares her personal struggle with mental illness, including depression, anxiety, and transitional life issues including special-needs parenting, grief, and loss.

Through this shared experience with the people she helps, she offers a more compassionate and understanding approach to cope with emotional issues or mental illness. Using comedy, she helps people to deal with the dark aspects of life through laughter.

The Mental Speak show will offer information so that listeners can increase awareness of how mental and emotional imbalance can lead to mental illness. Listeners can gain knowledge about conditions, interact and share with others who are coping and learn about different methods of treatment from practitioners who treat mental and emotional issues.

LaTonya believes that by talking about the issues and problems we experience openly as a community, we can begin to understand ourselves, and how to best return to balance and wellness.

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