Let the Prophets Speak

Let the Prophets Speak

On the Red Stream

Friday 7PM - 8PM


  • Prophetess Armosha Harris
  • Elwood Harris
  • Prophetess Caroline Taille

  • I had an experience with the Lord in October of 2002 through a book I was reading that was about the administering anointing of Prophet, I was reading about the office and mantle of the Prophet and Holy Spirit began to deal with my heart about this office of the Prophet. Prior to this experience, I had been in church for most of my childhood and adult life outside of college years, I had recently been introduced to the functionality of the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit told me that I was called to a higher measure of Prophecy outside of the Spirit of Prophecy and the Gift of Prophecy and that he was calling me his mouthpiece. He said that he was calling me exactly what I was reading and studying which was the office of the Prophet. I had an experience with the Lord, it was way beyond the call of salvation but not only to win the lost but to teach and train them in the Prophetic and how to hear their voice. After years of teaching and training, I wanted to use this tool to teach and train all over the world

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