Knuck Knucks

Knuck Knucks

On the Studio B

Saturday 8PM - 9PM

Saturday 8AM - 9AM

The Knuck Knucks are the children of Padoc and Lutricia, from the planet Knucolaea, by the United Planetary alliance to keep peace in the Universe. They have come to earth without any skills acquired or memory from Kuncolaea. They are to come into being just as any other human form. It is believed that the children will lead the way to the universal harmonious balance, so began the Knuck Knucks.
The Knuck Knucks live together in a group home in Detroit, Michigan. They are a close knit group and seem to be together all the time around the neighborhood. Like any group of friends they get into a wide range of “situations”. Some, “situations” are personal, peer group, and personal challenges that the Knuck Knucks come together to work out.
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