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Shelia King

Prophetess Shelia King is a world-changer and one of the most extraordinary, yet practical Bible teachers in the world. Her experience as a prophetess, ordained elder, evangelist, speaker, and teacher includes over 25 years of spiritual enrichment and development which has led to the transformation and restoration of innumerable lives across the globe. A native of Texas, Prophetess Shelia King has been commissioned by God and empowered by the HolySpirit to serve, as an Ambassador for Christ to advance the Kingdom of God in the earth, both spiritually and professionally. As the CEO of Prophetic Kingdom International Ministries (PKIM), Prophetess King’s mission is to train, equip, develop and cultivate prophets and those that operate in the prophetic to flow effectively with authority and confidence in their prophetic gifts. She is also the founder of the “Kingdom Talk Summit” which brings a plethora of believers from varying religious doctrines, ethnicities and demographics together to engage in a dialogue that highlights the principles of “Kingdom Living. Prophetess King effectively demonstrates God’s teachings by concentrating on numerous topics that focus on spiritual growth/enrichment, edification, strategizing and prioritizing with organization and detail. Prophetess King is a published author of her book entitled “Drought Interrupters” in addition to the following Facebook Live Broadcast: “Kingdom Talk/Kingdom Culture, and Kingdom Talk Singles Summit.  She is also the host of “Kingdom Talk Radio”.Prophetess Shelia King serves in various leadership capacities within her local church, some of which include one of the Team Leaders for The Potters House Elders and Ministers Alliance (PHAME), which oversees, train and equip new Ministers. Also, Prophetess King serves as part of the Leadership Team for the Intercessory Prayer Ministry at the Potters House. And when Prophetess King is not traveling or spreading the good news of the gospel of the Kingdom, she enjoys spending time with her beautiful family and friends.

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