Kingdom Providence

Kingdom Providence

On Studio A

Thursday 4PM - 5PM


Jacquie Kennedy

A woman of God commissioned by Jesus to go into the highways and byways to share his gospel message; to tell the unsaved that He loves them and compel them to come into His Kingdom.  As His servant I have and continue to encourage the Body of Christ to abide in His righteous “standard of holiness” and “grow into Kingdom maturity”.  As an ambassador in the Kingdom of God, since October 2001, He has used me to:  teach Sunday School, teach Bible Study in homes and on university campuses, minister to those in hospitals, elderly care facilities, the incarcerated in jails and prisons; also, to serve as Prayer Team and Spiritual Life leaders to a Christian women’s group, assist pastors, and currently to minister to the homeless.
I have earned higher educational degrees and completed several organized Christian spiritual trainings and leadership programs; achieved and received a gamut of awards and recognitions yet, they do not compare to my greatest earthly achievement of salvation in Jesus, being born-again, filled and baptized in Holy Ghost and chosen as an ambassador in the Kingdom of God.  This life I live on earth is not about me, but Jesus!  I fervently press towards the highest accomplishment of all, that is to live with Jesus and in His Kingdom Providence, eternally.

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