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Lady Katt

Lady Kathryn (Katt) Mills is an American/West Indian radio personality currently hosting Kingdom Culture Radio. She studied journalism at the University of North Texas as a Public Relations major, which afforded her the opportunity cultivate her writing skills and work in a variety of leadership roles within the corporate world. However, her love for music and quest for spritual knowledge has been a constant thread throughout her life. As a marketing manager, she worked at the famed Alpha and Omega Studios in Fort Worth, TX which has hosted recording artist like Erykah Badu and India Arie. Most recently, she began working with The Light Entertainment and Media Group to develop online multimedia publications and plan events. Kingdom Culture Radio will allow her to pursue her passion as she walks in her faith. More importantly, she will be able to extend her platform to other pursing their purpose. She is a Texas native, and enjoys spending time with her loved ones. traveling and volunteering with charitable and social organizations.

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