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King Charles’ Topic of the Week

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Charles Smith

King Charles (Charles Smith), has not always been a productive citizen. From foster care, gangs, drug addiction, and incarceration, he has been through literal hell. His past was intended to destroy him, but instead, he has risen from the ashes and lives with a passion for his new found life. He is blessed to come to the understanding that God has given him a new purpose on his journey and that is to inspire Kings and Queens!

In less than (5) years’ time, he has received an A.A. in Business Management from Trinity Valley Community College, speaks at the “Comin Up Gang Intervention Program” by the Greater Ft Worth Boys and Girls Club, including several other organizations. He has a Social Media following of 225,000 and counting including Facebook, Linked In, Instagram and Twitter.  He hosts a weekly internet radio show, “King Charles Topic of the Week”, is a certified Relationship coach, openly speaks about the process of recovery at area drug rehabilitation facilities and recently has launched his first book “I Don’t Have the Answers, but I have some questions”.

His resume includes Master of Ceremonies at “The Ascent Comedy Show”, Run Woman’s Conference, Homeward Bound Celebration, and “Desoto Teen Expo”, An Evening to Give Back, and A Night of Jazz and R&B He has been a guest on several hit talk radio shows, including Bryan Weatherford and We Talk Radio. Charles Smith has proudly been nominated for 10 talk radio awards and has received the award of “Talk Show of the Month”, “Best Use of Social Media 2017” and “Host of the Year 2018”.

King Charles is a strong advocate to encourage youth and young adults in finding integrity and

Self-Worth and has power in delivering a strong message of hope. He involves himself and his

Associates in a variety of community services and non-profit activities. His message is to inspire in all areas of life.  From gangs, domestic violence, drugs, molestation, broken homes, addiction, all topics where hope can be fostered into seemingly hopeless situations.

King Charles has placed himself into a position to humbly give back, and is a harbinger for many who need a testimony and a path to move forward in life as the true Kings and Queens they were created to become.

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