Keep It Rollin

Keep It Rollin

On the Studio B

Friday 9PM - 11PM

Keep it Rollin is a show where three young motive minds collaborating that believes in building a craft and making a difference with our genuine and creative personalities. Now that we have a platform to express our voice in a way to rejoice the people and to allow the community to express their voices in a way they’ll love too. I have always believed that when you have a voice, you have the obligation to use that to empower others. We’re bringing an environment where no one should feel divided just cause of their different viewpoints. Got to love different, it brings knowledge of all viewpoints. We can all learn interesting aspects from out of the ordinary, stay open-minded. Keep it rollin will lay on you the facts and opinions the music industry, art, culture, politics, comedy, and all the latest news that goes around the world and bringĀ on guests to inform you what they’re most passionate about. Peace & positivity, and let the negativity out.

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