Jay & LNA

Jay & LNA

On the Grey Bowl

Wednesday 9PM - 11PM


  • Jay Liggins
  • Rhinomyte
  • Sequina Thomas
  • Micheal Bowers

  • The Jay & LNA show are a bunch of comedians here in the DFW area trying to get our feet in the door which consists of Jay Liggins, Micheal Bowers, Sequina Thomas & Rhinomyte which is the brains behind this movement. We all come from different lanes of comedy and the way we got to FBRN was at an open mic over drinks and wanting to do something different so the idea came up. Jay Liggins has hosted his own show before and Micheal, Sequina & Rhinomyte has been apart of the radio personality business in some way form or fashion, we’re all comedians, actors, writers, host’s et

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