It’s ALL about KIDS & the KID n You

On this show you can expect to hear from children, adults and professionals discussing these common issues that we face today.
“Our mission is to bring HEALING to children, families and our communities.”
“Our GOAL is to SAVE and CHANGE lives.”
I started this show because for over a year God has been talking to me day and night about our children, the help they need, the attention they need, the issues they are facing. He put a burden on my heart for children.
I kept trying to make it go away and I kept rejecting the idea and hoping it would go away…so after resisting this idea for over a year to start a show addressing issues concerning Kids and or the Kid in You. I finally said Ok God. I will do it, but the devil has fought me every step of the way. I finally said to myself if the show can save or change just one LIFE it is worth it, so I finally told God more than anything I want to PLEASE YOU. So here we are with the show “ITS all about KIDS and the KID N YOU.”
God gave me the name IT’S all about Kids and then he added the KID N You because he said it’s a lot of adults that are having problems and are successes because of what happen to them when they were kids.
So we will also have adults on the show that will share experiences that they went through as a child, and how those experiences shaped who they are today negatively or positively.
God said if we can start healing our children or our enter child we can heal families, which will bring healing to our communities, our cities, and this world.

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It's ALL about KIDS & the KID n You

Hi, I’m the host of a show on the Fishbowl Radio Network. I love having the opportunity to share my thoughts and opinions with listeners from all over the world. Being one of the FBRN hosts has been great in helping me grow my show and connect with more people.

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It’s ALL about KIDS & the KID n You

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