The IAMWife Conversation Hour

Our show will Explore The Art of Mastering Your Position as a wife or woman with a heart to be a wife and the transformative Six Intimacy Skills; Self-care, Relinquishing Control, Respect, Gratitude, Receiving, and Vulnerability. Our guest will include Master Coaches from across the world, Physicians, Therapist, Physical Trainers, Personal Stylist, Nutritionists and most importantly, women willing to share their journey towards their Personal, Professional and Relational Vision.

About the Hosts

Suzzen Stroman


was born in Bogalusa, Louisiana, reared in Oakland, California, and now calls Frisco, Texas home. She is a wife of thirty-three years, mother of three adult children, grandmother of four granddaughters and business owner with twenty-five years of experience as an entrepreneur. She is a Certified Relationship Coach with a master’s degree in Organization Management. She and her husband are life and business partners as owners of The Brass Effect, Inc., a technology company based in the DFW area. They share a passion for generational leadership and business development.

Suzzen is the founder of IAMwife Foundation, a partnership with proven professionals uniquely teamed to fit the need of each woman as she develops her vision to run the race set before her. It is our mission to support her as she master’s her position as a “Suitable Helper”.

While navigating the busyness of life, Suzzen cultivated a passion for the position of wife as it encompassed the mother and businesswoman she has become. She found herself advocating for woman in every area of her life. She embraced the call to create environments that support wives and women who have a heart to be a wife in the marketplace as business owners, corporate professionals, mothers, and individuals; it became her life’s work

As the founder of IAMwife Foundation Suzzen authored “Beautifully Burned”, the memories WE marry. She shares her story nationally across many platforms; instructional, motivational, and inspirational through media and group settings with a singular goal, to reach ONE.

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