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Howard Scott

From Deep Ellum to Beal Street and from the roots of Compton to the deepest reaches of the jungle, Howard E. Scott’s distinctive voice can be heard on a plethora of FM, AM, and Internet radio stations. But not only is the erudite on-air personality a premier guitarist and a gracious host; he is a Grammy-nominated composer with limitless experience on the eclectic music scene, including numerous appearances on historical American Bandstand, Soul Train, talk shows, and a trail of other high-profile visual outlets. For five decades and counting, he and his co-writers have provided music aficionados with some of the greatest tunes ever recorded: “Slippin’ Into Darkness,” “Why Can’t We Be Friends,” “Cisco Kid,” “The World Is A Ghetto,” and “Low Rider,” songs heard on TV and in radio commercials nearly every day. Many of these mega-hits have been covered or sampled by the likes of Janet Jackson, Korn, TLC, and countless others. As a guitarist with the world-famous Lowrider Band, Howard continues to perform internationally. But now, he is bringing his own brand of hosting and fun to Fishbowl Radio. His show will feature interesting discussions with a variety of musicians and familiar personalities, some of whom you know and others you will come to know. And, of course, he will share great music from his musical cache for radio listeners to cherish.

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